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  • General  machining, max 600mm height x 1.2m Dia. Outside Clamping/1.3m Dia. Inside Clamping
  • Manufacturing parts as per customer specifications
  • Fixed plant component parts repair
  • Load Rollers and Blank gears                   
  • PC 3000 excavators undercarriage parts repair
  • Fix plant parts repairs and maintenance
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  • Customised steel fabrication
  • Fabricate and install fixed plant elements such as safety hand rails, guard rails and walkways
  • Vibrating table, 1300mm x 1100mm x 170mm
  • Light to medium structural steel fabrication and installation
  • Railway mechanism
  • Tractors wheel repairs


Welcome to The Tenth Engineering Company

The Tenth Engineering Company is conveniently situated in Maddington within the wider Perth metro area. It is an Australian owned, experienced precision and general engineering manufacturer. We make high quality machinery parts and equipment in our Maddington Workshop, with the capacity to effect repairs in our workshops or on-site. The materials we use will be in accordance with job specifications.


The Tenth Engineering Company has the expertise and resources for most undertaking.

We provide repair, machining, fabrication and maintenance to, among others, the mining, off shore, shipping, and fixed plant industries. We also construct / install walkways on site or in modules for on-site assembly. The company has a broad area of expertise, a large network of suppliers and skilled workers. We aim to deliver high quality products and services on time and to specification. It is however important that we are supplied with drawings that give detailed measurements and material specifications, or, that we are furnished with product samples. Please contact us to discuss any query.